KEYTEC is a leading touch screen manufacturer since 1987.  Magic Touch add-on touch screen, integrated touch monitor, built-in touchscreen kit for integration, OPTIR Touch large size IR touchscreen, View Touch laser interactive DIY whiteboard, DIY kiosk.








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State Phone/Fax/Email Large Size OPTIR Touch Add-On
Touch Screen
Touch Monitor Built-In
Touch Screen
DIY Interactive Whiteboard
Touch Screens Inc Utah Tel: 1-800-753-2441 or 435-673-5455.
Fax: 770-921-8494
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Cadan Minnesota Tel: 1-800-370-0047or 1-651-457-1917.
Fax: 651-457-3534
DynaVox and Mayer-Johnson Pennsylvania Tel: 1-800-588-4548  Fax: 858-550-0449   Yes  Yes No   
EnableMart  Utah Tel: 1-888-640-1999 
  Yes  Yes  No   
Ergoguys Arizona Tel: 602-354-4190 Fax: 602-296-7192
  Yes  Yes  No  
RJ Cooper  California Tel: 1-800-752-6673 or 1-949-582-2749
Fax: 949-582-3169 
  Yes  No  No   
Next Warehouse California Tel: 1-877-235-6628 or 1-888-298-6398
Fax: 1-866-640-5851
Yes Yes  Yes  Yes   
Ventura Educational Systems California Tel: 800-336-1022 Fax: 800-493-7380
  Yes Yes No  
Products for Autism Idaho Tel: 208-890-0408
Angel Speaks Communication Productions Illinois Tel: 630-968-1608
SoftTouch Nebraska
Sales: 877-763-8868 Fax: 402-334-8478
Support: 402-334-8477
  Yes  Yes  No   
Tom Caine & Associates  New Jersey Tel: 800-595-5036 Fax: 973-394-1515 
  Yes  No  No   
Silicon Heights Computers  New Mexico Tel: 1-800-654-6623 or 1-505-293-4077
Fax: 505-291-1310 
  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Touch Screens Inc. North Carolina Tel: 1-800-753-2441 Fax: 770-921-8494 
Yes Yes  Yes  Yes   
Inclusive TLC North Carolina

Tel:1-800-462-0930  Fax: 1-704-243-3623

  Yes  No  No   
Independent Living Source North Carolina Tel: 910-795-4966
  Yes  Yes No   
Neutron Pennsylvania Tel: 800-813-4218 Fax: 814-861-8137
Yes  Yes  Yes Yes   
Digital Wish Vermont Tel: (802)375-6721 Fax: (802)375-6860 
  Yes  No  No   
Laureate Learning Systems  Vermont
Tel: 1-800-562-6801 or 1-802-655-4755
Fax: 802-655-4757 
  Yes  Yes  No   
Abacus Computer Center Washington Tel: 888-484-2212 or 1-509-484-2222
Fax: 509-484-2223
  Yes  No  No   

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