KEYTEC is a leading touch screen manufacturer since 1987.  Magic Touch add-on touch screen, integrated touch monitor, built-in touchscreen kit for integration, OPTIR Touch large size IR touchscreen, View Touch laser interactive DIY whiteboard, DIY kiosk.








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Company Name Country Phone/Fax/Email Large Size OPTIR Touch Add-On
Touch Screen
Touch Monitor Built-In
Touch Screen
DIY Interactive Whiteboard

Austria Tel: +43/2627/82100-0  Fax: +43/2627/82100-50
  Yes Yes  Yes  
Ashlin Computer Corporation Canada Tel: 416-256-3096  Fax: 416-703-7327
Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  
Microcomputer Science Center Canada Tel: (800) 290-6563  (905) 629-1654
  Yes  Yes  No   
Simple Abilities Canada Tel: 1.877.470.1700 or 604.271.1700
Fax: 604.271.2606
  Yes  No No  
Software4Schools Canada Toll free: 1-800-256-0096 &1-800-663-0001 (Within Canada)
Tel: 1-604-741-0998 (outside of Canada)
Fax: 1-800-663-5093
  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Special Needs Computer Solutions Canada Tel: 1-877-724-4922  Fax: 1-877-725-7799
Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  
Procontrol Electronics


Tel: +36 62 444-007 Fax: +36 62 444-181
  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Ausilionline Italy Tel. +39 0510516600  Fax. +39 0514841618
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Help I Care Italy Tel: +39 0-051.6810450   Fax: +39 0-051.6811287
  Yes  Yes  Yes Italy Tel: +39 081 946587   Fax: +39 081 5134172
  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Scan Hi-Tech Thailand  Tel :  (66 2)  719-3949  Fax : (66 2)  719-5592 Yes Yes  Yes  Yes UK     Yes  Yes  No   
The following resellers are located in USA, but will ship the products to international customers.
LeMel Enterprises  Texas Tel: +1-972-272-7522  Fax: +1-972-205-0165
Yes Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Touch Screens Inc. Utah Tel: +1-435-673-5455  Fax: +1-770-921-8494
Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   

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