KEYTEC is a leading touch screen manufacturer since 1987.  Windows 7 Multi Touch Support. Magic Touch add-on touch screen, integrated touch monitor, built-in touchscreen kit, OPTIR Touch large size IR touchscreen, View Touch DIY interactive whiteboard.


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Windows 7 Multi Touch Support

 Add-On Touch Screen
 Touch Screen Monitor
.Built-In Touch Screen
Custom Touch Screen
Large Size Touch Screen
Optical IR Touch Screen
View Touch Touch by Laser

Quick Facts:

1. Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions recognize multi-touch gestures.
2. KEYTEC'S Magic Touch add-on, built-in and integrated monitors are resistive analog type, which cannot support multi-touch gestures, but can work well with
single touch gestures in Windows 7.
3. KEYTEC'S OPTIR Touch is an optical infrared touch screen, which can support dual touch (two touch points) with a little limitations.  Please see details in the following chart.
4. KEYTEC'S View Touch is a laser activated touch interactive device that works with a digital camera, which can support
multi-touch gestures in Windows 7.
5. KEYTEC'S touch screen driver has options of using mouse mode or tablet mode.  Select tablet mode to use Windows 7 touch gestures.  The response time of touch is a little slower in tablet mode than in mouse mode. 
Videos:  Win 7 demo globe  Win 7 demo pond  Win 7 demo IE

Summary of Windows 7 Touch Gestures:                                                                                Check compatibility with Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7.
Gesture Function Action Magic Touch
add-on, built-in, monitor
OPTIR Touch View Touch
(laser interactive)
Tap/Double Tap Left Click/Double Click   Support Support Support
Touch and Drag Left Click and Drag Support Support Support
Touch and Hold Right Click Support Support Support
(quick drag gesture)
Up, Down, Back, Forward Support Support Does not support
Panning Scrolling Support Support Support
(move two fingers apart or toward each other)
Zoom in and out Does not support Support Support
(use one finger to pivot around another)
Rotate object Does not support Support Support
(move two fingers in opposite directions)
Rotate object Does not support Does not support
(works if two fingers do not cross each other)
More than 2 fingers touch simultaneously     Does not support Does not support Support

Check compatibility with Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7.

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