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How does Magic Touch work?
 2. How does Magic Touch interface with the computer?
3. What sizes are available?
4. What are the system hardware requirements?
5. What can be used to activate Magic Touch?
 6. Do I need special software?
7. What happens if a sharp object accidentally scratches the touch screen?
8. How do you clean the screen?
9. What is the technology behind it, and are there other technologies available?
10. Is it true that capacitive and surface acoustic wave touch screens cannot be scratched?
 11. Is 5-wire resistive screen more durable than 4-wire?
 12. Why is Magic Touch only specified for 3 million touches life time while some other manufacturers claimed that their touch screens can last 30 million touches or even more?

 1. A transparent pressure-sensitive membrane overlay detects your touch for mouse cursor movement, clicking, double clicking and dragging. Your finger or a stylus  becomes the mouse control.

 2. You do not need to open up the computer case. There are two types of controller boxes: USB and ProE (com port). The USB controller is used for Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and Linux or Mac OS 8-10. The USB controller can be plugged into the computer’s USB port without turning the power off. The ProE controller is used for Win 95, 98, NT4.0, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and Linux. It needs to be plugged into a free com port. No other power source is needed - you can use it in any country.  For more information about the controller selection, click here.

 Add-On touch screen kits are available for 13 to 24” monitors and 12 to 17” notebook computers.
 Integrated touch monitors are available from 12” to 32”  Custom integration available.
 Built-in touch screen kits are available from 6.4” to 32”. Custom sizes are available too.

 If you are primarily interested in large-size touch screen, we recommend our new product OPTIR Touch, please click here to learn more.

 4. Any PC with Win95 or later and a USB port or com port available. Any Mac with a USB port available.  Also compatible with Linux, please contact tech@magictouch.com to check which Linux versions that we support.

 5. Magic Touch can be activated by a finger, fingernail, gloved hand, stylus, soft-tip pointers, or other objects without a  sharp point.

 6. No. Magic Touch works for any mouse-driven program, and the mouse can still be used simultaneously.

 7. Not to worry. Unless the cut penetrates the first layer of the Magic Touch membrane, its functions will not be affected.

 8. It can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner, such as Windex. DO NOT spray the liquid directly on the screen.

 9. Magic Touch is made by resistive technology and will soon be available with capacitive technology. Resistive technology is the most popular because it provides the highest touch resolution, fastest touch response and can be activated by anything. Capacitive technology requires skin contact to operate. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology is sensitive to moisture and dust.   

 10. Those types of touch screens cannot be activated by hard object, not even the fingernails. Therefore, there is much less chance of being scratched by the users. However, they still can be scratched, and once that happens, the screens will no longer function correctly.

 11. Theoretically, it is true when the applications are primarily used for drawing or writing by stylus.  There is no obvious difference for common touch screen applications, such as education, gaming, point of sales, kiosks, etc.  Although KEYTEC'S traditional Magic Touch is 4-wire design, 5-wire models are also available for many standard sizes.  Please contact us for more information.

 12. Magic Touch has been consistently tested to 3 million touches without showing any functional failure. Our testing lab did not run the testing beyond 3 million touches, because we believe this kind of reliability is suitable for almost any application. In fact, we have customers reported that their Magic Touch screens have been working for more than 10 years.

There is no standard testing method has been established in the touch screen industry, thus it is not possible to make a fair comparison. We choose to publish only the minimum life testing data, instead of making meaningless exaggeration for marketing purpose.

Have more questions? Ask KEYTEC.


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