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Let us be clear, KEYTEC can add touch interactive capability to any flat panel display, laptop or desktop or all-in-one PC, projection screen (front or rear), video wall, regular whiteboard, or any flat surface that can be used as a computer projection screen....

Up to 200 & getting bigger!

You can use finger or stylus to interact with ANY mouse driven program. FREE interactive software is also included. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8, Mac OS 10 & up, Linux.

Comparison Chart

Model 1. OPTIR Touch 2. View Touch IV
Technology Infrared Infrared & Camera
Size Available from 10.4" to 200" Works up to 150" diagonally
Operating System Win, Mac, Linux. Windows
Interface USB USB (wired or wireless)
Suitable for Flat panel display & projection screen Projection screen or flat panel display
Activated by Finger or any stylus Special stylus included
Multi touch gesture 2 to 40 simultaneous touch points Multi touch points
Warranty 1-3 years depends on the model 1 year
Need an interactive whiteboard?
We have solutions,
you have options.

Click on the following options for details, or check out the Comparison Chart or simply CONTACT US for a solution.

Option 1. OPTIR Touch IR frame

Simply mount an OPTIR Touch to your regular whiteboard or TV display, or projection screen.  Available up to 200".  Win/Mac/Linux.

Option 2. View Touch IV

A set of IR sensor & stylus can fully emulate mouse functions up to 120.  Windpws.

Contact one of our touch interactive specialists to assist you select the best suitable device for your application & budget.

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